Prestonwood Rotary History

The Rotary Club of Prestonwood Dallas (Prestonwood Rotary) will be celebrating 45 years as a Rotary Club on June 6, 2022, serving the needs of our surrounding area, focusing on the needs of children.
The Prestonwood Rotary Club was founded by leading members of the Addison-Prestonwood business community.  It received its charter from Rotary International on June 6, 1977.  The original charter was signed by Robert A. Manchester II, President of Rotary International, and Harry A. Stewart, General Secretary.
On September 27, 1996, Rotary International re-issued our charter in the name of the Rotary Club of Prestonwood Dallas., signed by Luis Vicente Giay, President of Rotary International, and Geoffrey S. Large, General Secretary.
In July 1987 we admitted our first female member, after Rotary International changed its membership rules.
Two members of our Club have served as District Governor for District 5810, Kim Holland from 2006-2007, and Larry W. Webb 2015-2016.  Ms. Holland became the first female District Governor of Rotary District 5810.